Dual Monitor Screen Saver

Now you can have Dual Screen Savers configured for your Dual Monitors running on a Windows Computer. Two different Screen Savers can be configured to be displayed for a Dual Monitor Computer using the display settings of the Screen Saver. Have a look at the configuration settings given below to get an idea of how you can easily configure the Screen Saver indivually for each of the dual monitors.

Configure Dual Screen Savers for a Dual Monitor Computer

Configure Dual Screen Savers for a Dual Monitor Computer

How does this Dual Monitor Screen Saver Works?

This Dual Monitor Screen Saver allows you to select two Screen Savers for two Monitors. This Screen Saver will display selected Screen Saver Preview on each of the Monitor and can be closed using any Key Press on Keyboard and Mouse Click. Note that unlike other Scren Savers this Screen Saver will not close automatically due to Mouse Cursor Movements.

You can get this Screen Saver now by downloading the Dual Monitor Software named MurGeeMon. And this is not all, there is lot to offer in this software download. In case you would like to have a glimpse about the software, have a look at the Dual Monitor Software post where you can find out what all the software bundle has in offer for you.