Dual Monitor Toolbar

A Toolbar can be really handy whether you are using single, dual or multiple monitors windows computer. The toolbar presented here can be really handy when using a dual or even a multiple monitor windows computer. Yes this toolbar works fine on Windows XP onwards operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Vista and other Microsoft Operating Systems. This Dual Monitor Toolbar is presented as a plugin with the Dual Monitor Software named as MurGeeMon. This post describes few features of the toolbar and provides screenshots of the toolbar as well. Click on the Toolbar screenshot below to view the actual size screenshot.

Toolbar for Dual or Multiple Monitor Windows Computer

Whether you are using Windows 7, XP, Vista or any other Microsoft Operating System such as Windows 8 etc, managing Desktop Shortcuts can really become difficult and time consuming. This Dual Monitor Toolbar allows you to view multiple shortcuts / files from any selected folder. This toolbar remembers it’s position and size which can be really handy when you wish to launch various shortcuts , programs or open documents from secondary or third monitor etc. This Toolbar can be downloaded from within the MurGeeMon Software’s Tutorial Page. You can change skin of the toolbar easily by clicking on button at the top left corner of the toolbar. The Files / Shortcuts are displayed in this toolbar according to file type.

In order to use this Dual Monitor Toolbar, all you need to do is launch it. By default the software displays files and shortcuts from the My Documents folder. The Folder can be changed using small button below the cross button (which is the Application Close button). There are two more buttons which allows to open the folder and refresh the contents displayed by this Dual Monitor ToolBar. The Application is a resizable application and you can drag the toolbar to any location on your single, dual or multi monitor windows computer and the next time you start your, the dual monitor toolbar will reposition and resize automatically to it’s last position and location.