Zoom Into Screen on Windows Computer

Zoom into any screen area of a computer running Windows easily with Real Time Zoom Software Utility. The Real Time Zoom Software is available on a try before buy basis and can be tried for free. The Software Download allows you to define an area of the screen which you wish to zoom and then displays that selected rectangular area in another window.

Zoom into any specific part of Computer Screen

Zoom into Screen easily

The Rectangular Window in which zoomed screen area is displayed is a resizeable window and can be moved onto any monitor when running dual or multiple monitor windows computer. The Screenshot displayed above is the Settings screen of the Real Time Zoom Software Utility. The Settings screen allows to define Screen Co-Ordinates and Refresh Rate at which the Zoomed image must be displayed. Once you click on the OK button of the Settings Screen, the main window of Real Time Zoom will open up displaying the area captured by the Settings Screen.

The Main Window of the Real Time Zoom remembers it’s position and size and is also a resizeable window. You can even move any of the Window of the Software to external monitor and you can capture screen location of secondary monitor or alternatively move the main screen of Real Time Zoom to external display so that you can watch what’s happening on the primary monitor.

Download the Real Time Zoom Software utility now and give it a try. It is a really small and inexpensive software utility which can work fine on XP, Vista, Windows 7 or even on Windows 8 computer. This Software Utility can be used to view the specified location of computer screen in a resizable manner. In case you would like to view the contents of another Monitor in a resizeable window, you can use the Monitor View Utility which is a part of MurGeeMon software application.