Open Window on Second Monitor

Now you can open up any window on second or third or any other monitor really easily. All you need to do is place shortcut to launch the application on the desired monitor and use your mouse cursor to launch it. Many applications launch themselves on primary monitor by default and you have to move them to the desired monitor manually. Moreover many applications remember the last position of the application window and launch themselves on the last monitor with optionally last configured size irrespective of whether that specific monitor is turned on or off.

Let’s say you have a dual monitor windows computer and you use an application on second monitor. The desired application launches itself on second monitor or you manually move that application onto second monitor. Now if you have to always move that application window to second monitor manually then this post can be really useful to you, as a software is presented here which can be used to open an application window on second monitor automatically.

Consider another scenario where your second monitor has been turned off and when you launch the application window, it goes to the second monitor and you will be required to turn on that second monitor, move the window to first monitor and then turn off second monitor.

These small things can really hamper the benefits of having dual or multiple monitors connected to a windows computer. The Software presented can be used to automatically move or open up a window on second or any other monitor. The Multi Monitor Application helper is presented as a plugin for MurGeeMon and can be downloaded from here.

The Multi Monitor Software Utility presented above Monitors all windows and monitors the mouse cursor position. In case your Mouse Cursor is present on second monitor and a window opens up on first monitor, the software will move the window to second monitor automatically after getting a confirmation from you.