Dual Monitor Frequently Asked Questions

Using Dual Monitors with Windows Computer provides extensibility and can be really helpful. This post talks about Frequently Asked Questions related to dual or multiple monitor setup in Windows. In case you do not find answer to your question, please do use the search facility and there are good chances that you will find answer to your question in this dual monitor blog.

  • How to run Dual Monitors in single resolution ? : Navigate to Display Settings of Windows Control panel and find out what’s the appropriate resolution available and set it on both the monitors.
  • How to save a dual monitor background ? : Find out the wallpaper currently set using the Display Settings and save it wherever you want.
  • How to select different background on 2nd monitor ? : You can easily set different background such as MurGeeMon to set different background or do image manipulation using an image editor.
  • How to move desktop icons to secondary monitor ? : Just drag the select icons onto secondary monitor from desktop of primary monitor.
  • How to force program to open in 2nd screen ? : In case the selected program has the feature to remember it’s position, all you need to do is close it while the main window of application is on second screen, else you would need a 3rd party software such as MurGeeMon to force the program to open on second monitor.
  • How to extend desktop via command line ? : Windows by default does not provide a command line option to extend the monitor with command line, however you can use MurGeeMon to create a desktop shortcut to extend the desktop and copy the shortcut’s command line and use it anywhere you want.
  • How to disable double screen ? : Open up display or screen settings and disable the second screen from there.
  • How to connect projector to  desktop ? : Think of project as another monitor and configure display settings as you would for second monitor.
  • How to change screen orientation for dual monitors ? : Just treat every monitor as separate monitor and use display settings to change orientation or use MurGeeMon to change screen orientation of any of the monitors using desktop shortcut.
  • How much does it cost to connect dual monitors to a desktop ? : You would need an extra monitor, and probably a dual monitor graphics card (internal or external) and cost can vary according to your selection of monitor size, quality, company and the same will apply to the cost of dual monitor graphics card, however the cost of a graphics card can be much lower than the cost of an extra monitor.
  • How to change screen and mouse rotation ? : On a Dual Monitor Windows Computer connected in Extended Mode, the Mouse Rotation will depend on the position of two monitors in the virtual space. You can change the Monitor(s) layout using display settings from the control panel.
  • How to clone monitor on windows 7 ? : Open up Screen Resolution control panel option in Windows 7 and display settings using control and select Duplicate desktop on 1 & 2.
  • How to connect extra monitor to desktop ? Lookup whether your Desktop has an extra VGA, DVI or any other relative port available for connecting the second monitor. In case you do have a dual head graphic card in your desktop, all you would need to do is plugin the appropriate cables and use the display settings to configure the extra monitor. This blog has comprehensive information about dual monitor hardware stuff, do have a look at it , understand all the technical stuff and only then connect the extra monitor to desktop.
  • How to setup slide show on secondary monitor ? : Just drag the slideshow software to second monitor using title bar or use SlideShow Software inbuilt in MurGeeMon.
  • How does Keyboard works in a Dual Monitor Extended Setup ? : In case you are using an internal or external graphics card, you keyboard will provide input to applications in focus, irrespective of whether the application is on first or second monitor.