Dual Monitor Software

How about a Dual Monitor Software which can

  1. Allow you to set different desktop background for every monitor?
  2. Can change Primary Monitor to Secondary Monitor and vice versa allowing you to decide on which monitor does start menu is displayed?
  3. Can be used to create Shortcut on Desktop to control various features of a Dual Monitor Computer.
  4. Provides a quick and easy way to create Shortcut Keys to Change Primary Monitor, Disable Primary or Secondary Monitor, Lock Mouse on Monitor and many more configurable options.
  5. Can be used to Add commands to Desktop Right Click Menu for various functionalities such as Enable / Disable Monitors, Display Windows Properties, etc.
  6. Provide Configurable System Tray Menu to control dual monitors as and when you want.
  7. Provide extra functionality for Windows 7 to switch from Clone Mode to Extended Mode with Shortcut, Hot Key or with Desktop Right Click.
  8. Move Window across Multiple Monitors with the press of a configurable Shortcut or Hot Key.

There are many other functionalities in a small and easy to use Dual Monitor Software and is free to try and find out whether it can really help you to control Dual Monitors or Display Devices connected to your Computer. There are many other features in the Dual Monitor Software described above such as controlling User Screen Saver, configuring Login Screen Saver, and provide other dual monitor control features or just have a look at the screenshots in the Dual Monitor Software Album which speak for themselves.