Clone Display or any Application

Now you can clone any selected application with Window Cloner. The Application allows you to clone any of the selected running application. The Cloned Application is displayed in another window which can be resized, moved, minimized, etc. In case you have dual monitors connected to your windows computer, you can move the clone window to second monitor by just dragging the window to second or secondary monitor, just like any other window.

Clone Display or any selected application

Create a Clone View of any Application

This Window Cloner is built into the Dual Monitor Software & can be launched from the Monitor Control tab of the application. The Cloner allows to select refresh interval in milliseconds and allows to clone multiple application. The Cloned Window will also display the updated title as and when it changes on the selected application.

The Cloning applicaton will work fine on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and on Windows 8 as well. Yes Microsoft has not released Windows 8 but from a programmer says it will work fine on Windows 8 or any other name that Microsoft provides upcoming operating system. You will be able to clone any selected window and as the new window will just be a clone, it will not accept any keyboard or mouse input & can be really useful when you want to display output of any browser or application on second monitor or any other monitor in a multiple monitor windows computer setup.