Windows 7 & Windows 8 Downloads

Windows 7 has been the best operating windows system keeping almost everyone happy. Hopefully Windows 7 will further extend the features offered and will make life easier for everybody. As Microsoft has to take care of needs of lots of users, the selection of what to offer and what not to offer to Windows users would be very tough. This is where 3rd party utilities come in and fulfull the needs. This post will talk of such few software utilities / applications which can be really helpful to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. Few of the Software Downloads mentioned here would be free to use and others would be really inexpensive shareware applications.

MurGeeMon –  This Software Download for Windows 7, Windows 8 & other Windows version is a software application designed specifically for dual monitor windows users. This Software download is provided of a shareware basis and requires a one time fee of $5.00 as registration fee. The MurGeeMon software provides features such as controlling wallpaper on dual monitors, allows to change login screen image, provides shortcuts to move window applications from one to next monitor, provides easy way to change resolution and much more. There are few features which work only on Windows 7 such as shortcut to switch from clone mode to extended mode or vice versa, changing of Login Screen works on Windows Vista onwards including Windows 7, Windows 8 (for both 32 & 64 bit versions), etc.

Jump List Manager – This shareware application allows Windows 8 users to create a configurable JumpList. The JumpList can be invoked by right clicking on any icon in the taskbar. The Jumplist Software allows you to specify your own shortcuts to websites, applications or documents so that you can launch any of them using the Jumplist feature introduced in Windows 7. Microsoft keeps the old functionality almost always and hence this software download should work fine on Windows 8 as well.

MurGee ScreenSaver – Control your Windows computer’s power state with this small ScreenSaver. This unique screensaver will work fine on almost any Windows Operating System including Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, etc and can be used to automate computer shutdown, control the power of all the monitors connected to the computer, etc.

Keyboard & Mouse Automation Software – In case you do lots of repetitive tasks on your Windows Computer, then this Keyboard & Mouse Automation Software can be of real help. The Auto Mouse Clicker can automate almost everything including simulating mouse cursor movements, mouse clicks of all types, opening of applications, visiting to a website, finding a color on screen and clicking it, typing on keyboard (including special keys such as Tab Key, Enter Key and Ctrl + C, etc).

Login ScreenSaver Changer – This Free Software download can be really handy to change the ScreenSaver that is displayed at the Login Screen. The ScreenSaver configured using the Login ScreenSaver Changer would be visible before login and at the Windows Lock Screen. The ScreenSaver configured using control panel would be visible only when you do login to your windows computer and leave your computer idle (& the Computer is not Locked Automatically by some software or policy) for the configured duration.

The Software downloads mentioned above have been tested on Windows 7 and as Windows 8 gets released, we will test all the software downloads on Windows 8 as well. Depending on Operating System , there are lots of software development done by various companies and hence Microsoft would keep the existing functionality which in turn will allow all the software downloads listed above to work on Windows 8 as well. Whether you are a single, dual or multiple monitor windows users, the above listed free and free to try software downloads can really help you to control your computer in a better & easy way and can also save you time.