Dual Monitor Windows 7

Yes Windows 7 does supports connecting dual monitors to the PC really easily. All you would need is appropriate hardware which might include two monitors, laptop with VGA / DVI / DisplayPort or other appropriate port to connect the monitor to Laptop, Desktop with dual monitor graphics card, connecting cables and ofcourse a PC running Windows 7. Once you have connected dual monitors to your windows 7 pc, there are good chances that when you power up your computer, you would not need to install any display drivers and windows 7 will recognize your dual monitors and will allow you to configure the monitors using the control panel’s Screen Resolution option.

Screen Resolution Option in Windows 7 to Configure Dual Monitors

Configure Dual Monitors on Windows 7

On Windows 7, you can right click on Desktop and select the Screen Resolution Option to configure your dual monitors. Screen Resolution of control panel in Windows 7 is displayed above in which two monitors are connected in extended mode. In Windows 7 , the dual monitors can also be configured to display the screen in clone mode (The Display Mode in which both the Monitors will display the same Stuff). Windows 7 also allows to enable or disable the monitors at will and also allows to move Monitor position in the virtual screen space. In order to move the Monitor position just drag the appropriate monitor in the Screen Resolution panel to your desired location and save your settings.

Windows 7 has provided significantly better support for dual or even multiple monitors. The MurGeeMon Software provides added features to the dual monitor experience in Windows 7. To start with Windows 7 does not allows to specify different wallpapers for dual monitors and you are forced to select only single image file. The MurGeeMon software allows to configure different background images for dual monitors, provides System Tray Menu and Icon to configure dual monitors really easily. The Monitor Control Software even allows to enable or disable monitors at will with desktop shortcut, system tray menu or even with system wide shortcut keys. Windows 8 is rumored to provide better support for dual monitors and expected to be launched in 2012.