Always on Top

Now it is really easy to make any window displayed to stay always on top of other window application. The Always On Top Maker Software works on Windows and is an integrated component on the MurGeeMon Software. Yes it works on Windows 7 and older windows versions such as Windows XP, Windows Vista etc and yes it will work on the future (rumored to be Windows 8) versions of Windows.

Windows Software to make any Window Always on Top

Launch Always on Top Maker from try menu of MurGeeMon

The Always on Top maker can be launched from the System tray menu of the MurGeeMon software as displayed in the figure to the left. The application will allow to select any running application from a list of currently displayed windows on your windows computer. Once you have identified the window that must stay always on top, just click on the button beneath of the window list labelled Make Selected Windows Always on Top and for the lifetime of the selected window, it will stay on top of other applications.

The Windows are displayed in terms of Z Order on a computer monitor or display. In case you select any other application window to stay on top, the newly selected window will be at the top of the Z Order and will be visible on top of any other application window. Use Always on Top Maker to make any window stay at the top so that you can always see that window irrespective of any other window on your computer monitor. Download the software application and give it a try now.