Dual Monitor Manager

How about a dual monitor manager software that can help you manage your actions related to your single or dual monitors connected to a windows computer. Monitor background or Desktop background can be one of the first things related to monitors. There can be tons of functions related to monitor management as monitor or computer screen is the one of the main components which we use to interact with computers. The Dual Monitor Manager software presented here can be used for managing or controlling various aspects of single or dual monitors connected to a XP, Vista or Windows Desktop or laptop Computer.

  • Set a single wallpaper for dual monitors
  • Set two different wallpapers for dual monitors.
  • Configure Login Screen Image on a 32 bit or 64 bit Windows computer.
  • Change Wallpaper to gray-scale or rotate it clockwise or anticlockwise, while keeping a backup of the original image file.
  • When setting wallpaper image specify the orientation of the image file to either fit to monitor, tile or center the image onto the selected monitor.
  • One click change of wallpaper with images thumbnail preview.
  • Configure the state (whether it should be ON, Off , In Extended or Clone Mode) of second or secondary monitor whenever your windows computer starts.
  • Easily launch Display and Screen Saver Settings.
  • Lock Mouse to remain on any of the monitors.
  • Move Mouse Cursor across monitors using a hot key combination.
  • Change orientation of the display in clockwise or anti clockwise direction.
  • Change Single or Dual Monitor Resolution with a shortcut key combination.
  • Force an application to start on specified monitor at specific location.
  • Add Monitor Manager Shortcut to Right Click of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 for changing resolution, to disable second monitor or any other available function.
  • Create shortcut on desktop to manage monitor’s properties (change resolution, orientation, launch screen saver, change theme, display switch user screen, etc) or attributes of windows / applications displayed onto the monitor.
  • Complete Screen Saver Management for dual monitors. Launch Screen Saver in a box and move the box to second monitor or any other monitor, change screen saver with a single click or configure dual screen savers for dual monitors.
  • Specify any available hot key to launch various features of the dual monitor manager software. Few extra options are available for Windows 7 users.
  • Browse other software applications which can be useful for day to day computer related activities.

The Monitor Manager Software will give you complete control over single, dual or even multi monitor windows computer. The Software provides various functionalities using common windows ways such as Desktop Shortcut, System Tray Menu, Easy to browse tabbed user interface of the software, adding extra options to right click of desktop and much more. Get the Dual Monitor Manager Software now and extract the maximum out of your single or dual monitor experience.