Download the Complete Multi Monitor Manager Software

Now you can download a complete multi manager software for Windows and manage all your display and monitor related control functions. Display of Monitor has a deskctop background, has a configurable resolution and screen orientation and yes there are programs that open on Monitor. Now you can control all with a single multi manager software.

Download this Multi Manager Software and control Screen Resolution with Shortcut, Add Menu to right click of Desktop in Windows XP onwards operating system, Move Windows / Applications between monitors using shortcut key combination. Enjoy 2 different background images for Dual Monitor Windows computer and even configure different screensavers for 2 monitors.

Reposition Windows to open on secondary monitor or any other location on your primary monitor, just pin the window whereever you want and next time window opens, it will open at the last location automatically. The Window may be of Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player (Non Full Screen), Calculator, some Remote Desktop related software or any other window.

In Order to Change Monitor Orientation, now you can have many easy to use options. Change Monitor Orientation with shortcut key of your choice, an extra menu in right click of Desktop, Shortcut on Desktop or typical way of clicking on a button in the user interface of the software.

Download the Software now or know more about the dual monitor software and control all your single or multiple monitors connected to your Windows computer. There are many features which will lure you to purchase the registration key for $5.00. The Software will add a menu item to the right click of Internet Explorer, when you click on an image providing you a central location to store all your downloaded wallpapers.

Get the Software now and get complete control over your Display including Single or Dual Monitor Wallpaper, Single or Dual Monitor ScreenSaver, Multi Monitor Screen Orientation, Multi Monitor Screen Resolution, Primary or Secondary Monitor(s) location, Power State of Single or Multiple Monitors, Startup Window location, Move Application Window with Shortcut key across Monitors, Add new functionality to right click of XP, Vista Desktop, configurable system tray menu to invoke Display properties, create Dual Monitor Shortcut and much more in a single Multi Manager Software for Windows.