Force Window on Second Monitor

Yes now you can set any Application Window to forcibly open on Second Monitor or even at any defined location.  You only need to define the co-ordinates in terms of X & Y and set it as the forced screen location. The Forced Screen Location can be on Second Monitor, at your primary Monitor or any other Monitor whose X & Y Co-Ordinates you know or can find out.

Forcing Application Window, Chat Window or any other Window to any defined location is made possible by the Dual Monitor Software named as MurGeeMon. The Window Relocator Screenshot suggests how to configure Window Location selectable using Window Title.

Force Window to Open on Second Monitor

Force Window to Open on Second Monitor

All you would need to do is open the Window Relocator, Select the Window which you wish to open at defined X & Y Co-Ordinates, enter the X & Y Co-Ordinates and click on the button labelled Set, that’s it.

Now you can close the Window Relocator Window of MurGeeMon and can also click on the cross button of the MurGeeMon. Now Onwards whenever the selected window will open, it will open at the defined co-ordinates. In case you entered the co-ordinates which are located at your Second Monitor, then your Window will open on the Second Monitor at defined co-ordinates.

In case you do wish to remove the forciby opening of a Window on defined co-ordinates, just click on the Window Title and click on Remove Button. The Refresh button can be used to scan & populate the list with visible Windows.