Dual Monitor Wallpaper Software

Now Managing Background Image of a Dual Monitor Windows Computer can be really easy with the Dual Monitor Software Named MurGeeMon. The MurGeeMon Software allows various options with in built dual monitor wallpaper software. Given below are the various options that you can use to change wallpaper image of your dual monitor(s) :

Dual Monitor Wallpaper Software to Manage Wallpapers on Monitors

Manage Wallpapers on Single or Dual Monitors

  • Set Different Wallpaper on Each of the Dual Monitors
  • Specify Wallpaper Orientation by specifying whether to center, tile or stretch a wallpaper on a given monitor.
  • Configure a Single Wallpaper on Dual Monitors.
  • Let the Dual Monitor Wallpaper Software manage wallpaper even when you change settings or enable / disable secondary or second monitor.

There are many other useful functionalities provided by the Software Application apart from managing wallpapers. In case you would like to read or download the software now, do navigate to the Software Features page. The Page will enumerate few of the features and yes in case you would like to explore all the features, download the software on your XP, Windows 7 or Windows Vista computer. The Software should work on other Windows versions including 32 and 64 bit versions.