Download Wallpaper for Dual Monitor Windows Computer

Now a days there are many free wallpaper websites which offer free wallpaper downloads. The Wallpapers available can be used on a single or dual monitor windows computer. Depending on the Screen Resolution of your display or monitor, you can download a wallpaper from internet and set it as wallpaper.

Quick and Easy Way to Download a Wallpaper from Internet and  set it as Desktop Background Image is to locate the Wallpaper, Right Click on the Wallpaper Image and select Set as Background.

Now when setting the Wallpaper when using Dual Monitor, Windows will not allow you to have dual wallpapers for dual monitors and will display the same wallpaper on both monitors or display a single wallpaper on both of your monitors depending on your display settings.

Download Wallpaper for Dual or Single Monitor Windows Computer

Easy way to download wallpaper for single or dual monitor computer running Windows

Now there is an improved and better way for downloading wallpaper and setting it as Desktop background image. The Software  presented here will allow you to

  • Download Wallpapers to a Single Folder so that you can easily locate your downloaded wallpapers.
  • Will provide you a way to set any downloaded wallpaper image as Desktop background image on Dual Monitors (Option to have dual  wallpapers for dual monitor backgrounds or have a single wallpaper image to span dual monitors )

In Order to download a Wallpaper in the above described way, you will have to  just navigate to the wallpaper, right click on it and select the option which reads Download to MurgeeMon. The Wallpaper will be downloaded to a pre defined  folder which can be explored using Windows Explorer or a custom explorer provided by the software.

This way you will be able to keep track of all the wallpapers downloaded and will be able to have dual background images for dual monitors as well. Does it sounds good, give it a try and download the software now.