Screen Resolution Shortcut

Wanna Change Screen Resolution with a Shortcut on Desktop? In case yes, this is a good place to start with.

Screen Resolution Shortcut to change screen resolution to 1600 X 900

Screen Resolution Shortcut to change screen resolution to 1600 X 900

This Screen Resolution Shortcut has been created to change the Screen Resolution to 1600 X 900 and it also changes the bits per pixel to 32 and Monitor Frequency to 60Hz. You can create many such screen resolution changing shortcut(s) which will allow you to change the screen resolution by launching the shortcut. The Shortcut can be placed anywhere, let’s say on Desktop or Quick Launch bar and it can be assigned Shortcut Keys so that you can launch the screen resolution changing shortcut by pressing shortcut keys on keyboard.

This Screen Resolution Shortcut can be created for any Windows Operating System. Be the Windows Operating System may be Windows 7, Vista or even Windows XP. Just launch the shortcut to set the screen resolution according to your requirement. Now you would not need to go to control panel and struggle with Screen Resolution or Display Resolution conrtol panel again and again. The shortcut can be created to either change temporarily the screen resolution (which would mean that if you do log off, the screen resolution would be reverted to the old screen resolution) and the resolution changes can be done permanently (which would mean that unless you change the screen resolution again, the screen resolution would be changed to the new screen resolution).

You can even use the shortcut to change only DPI setting of a Computer screen by selecting the default or original screen resolution and by selecting a different DPI. 8, 16 and 32 DPI or Bits per pixel are supported. Sounds interesting ? And yes when you create the Screen Resolution shortcut, you will get an option to select any of the Dual Monitors connected to your computer.

Wanna give it a try, just navigate to Resolution Controller document and download the Dual Monitor Software which does offers many other useful functionalities to control your Computer Screen.