Dual Monitor Computer Friend – Windows 7

Windows 7 sounds like great Operating System. Windows Vista is good with improved Internet Explorer and other security features.

In case you have been using Dual Monitors or Display Devices with Windows XP or Windows Vista, you will be quite amazed to know that Microsoft is trying to listen to our requirements.

Using Dual Monitors or Multiple Monitors may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but Windows 7 has included better functionality and support for Dual or Multiple Monitors. In case so hyped Windows 8 does comes up, it should have more multiple monitors controlling features as compared to Windows 7.

Many more people might be able to afford using Dual or Multiple Monitors connected to their Windows PC, but may be they do not know that this can be done as well. Benefits or uses of having Multiple Monitors can outweigh the extra hardware cost.

The Dual Monitor Software for Windows 7 does supports xp, vista but does have more functionality for Windows 7 and all thanks goes to Microsoft for recognising the need to provide better Multiple Monitor Support in Windows 7.