Dual Monitor Background Wallpapers

For a Dual Monitor Computer, you can find lots of Dual Monitor Wallpapers on Internet. The Dual Monitor Background Wallpapers are nothing but images (.jpg, etc) of big width and height. Depending on the Website from which you are downloading the Dual Monitor Background image, you may get option of image size selection as well.

Advantages of Dual Monitor Background Wallpaper : A Single Image to span across your dual monitors when your computer’s output is in extended mode will give you the view of your dual monitors as single monitor.  Imagine a Dual Monitor background image of a train spanning across your dual Monitors, how magnificent it can be.

Disadvantages of Dual Monitor Background Wallpaper : The Dual Monitor Background image will really look great if your both of the monitors are running in same resolution, however if you have connected a high resolution monitor and a low resolution monitor in extended mode, the background wallpaper may be difficult to show it’s full effect and the wallpaper image may be visible partially.

Alternative to a Single Image spanning Dual Monitors : Select different wallpaper for each of the Dual Monitors for your Dual Monitor Computer using MurGeeMon which is a Dual Monitor Software offering lots of features for controlling your dual monitors.