Connect Projector to Windows Desktop or Laptop

Connecting a Projector to a Windows Computer can be really easy. In Order to connect a projector to a laptop or Desktop Computer running Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 2000 or any other operating system, information about hardware and software can be really of help.

In order to connect a projector to a desktop or laptop, first of all have a close look at the ports available on your pc. Can you find a spare VGA or DVI port on your computer? In case yes, that’s brilliant and your computer can be connected easily to a projector. This extra VGA or DVI port will be used to transfer the screen data to the projector. In technical words, your computer supports dual monitors and you can connect any other display in clone mode, extended mode , pc only or in projector only mode. This blog is all about dual monitors and you can find lots of information about dual monitor windows computers here.

Once you have located the extra port for connecting the projector, you would need to connect the appropriate wires such as power supply to projector, a cable from your computer’s DVI or VGA port to projector and finally handle the control panel of the projector to project at the required screen controlling the brightness and other settings. Most of the times, you may not require any extra software or driver to connect the projector to your computer, however you can find the monitor control software to handle various settings of a computer connected to a projector or any other display device. The monitor control software will treat the computer’s screen as primary monitor and the projector screen as secondary monitor and will allow you to control both the displays really easily and quickly.

After connecting the projector to the computer, check all the cables and settings once again and once you are completely sure that all the cables are well connected, power up the computer and projector. Depending on the projector type, it may take some time to get the display, once you have the projector display on and running, checkout the control panel of your windows computer and select the proper settings as required, such as display screen data on projector only or display on both screens or display only on one of the screens.