Quad Display Graphics Card

Quad Display Graphics Card  is a hardware device which can be plugged into motherboard of a computer to drive upto four monitors independently. The Quad Display Graphics Card  is designed with graphics chip manufactured  by companies such as  ATI, Nvida, etc. The graphics card is plugged into one of the available PCI Express Slot  of  the Mother Board of Desktop  PC ‘s /Computer  in order to  power up  Four Monitor at a time. Quad display graphics card can be used for increasing productivity in business, for entertainment purposes, for gaming purposes, etc . Controlling and using four monitors can be really useful for Designers, Engineers, Computer users who need to view larger  files / documents and need to keep an eye on multiple documents / applications at any given point of time and for anybody else who need to have and use upto four monitors at a time.

Many Manufacturers manufacture Quad Display graphics cards with chips from NVIDIA, ATI, Matrox, etc. NVS 440 or NVS 450 are two example chips which can drive upto four monitors at a time. Quad display graphics cards can be located easily by using the chip name. For example NVIDIA  Quad NVS 450 Graphic card  is a High performance Graphics Display Card which is specially designed for Quad Display Monitor.  It is an Reliable Hardware which has really boosted in the Graphics Environment. 

NVS 450 comes with the Display Port as the output type. DisplayPort sends out digital signals as compared to analog signals by  VGA connector and can drive digital output quality on the monitors. As DisplayPort Monitors are not really populate now a days, the manufacturers who manufacture Quad Display Graphics card using the chip NVS 450, also provide the DisplayPort to DVI connector. Another important thing to note is the DVI type, the DVI connectors also come in various types, so before confirming anything you would need a really close look at the technical specifications of the graphics card. In case you do have VGA Monitors, you would require DisplayPort to VGA converters.

Few  Quad Display Graphics Cards
Given below are few Quad Display Graphic’s Cards. Price range of given below Quad Display Graphics Cards start from $ 399 to $ 799 depending upon the brand name, memory capacity, etc. Given below are only examples, you can find many more graphics cards which support upto four monitors.

  • Quadro NVS 440 256MB GDDR3 with PCI Express16 slot type (to plugin the card onto the motherboard)
  • Matrox QID-P128LPAF Quad Graphics Card
  • Matrox M9140 LP PCI x16 PCI Express Slot
  • Matrox M9148 LP PCI  x16 PCI Express Slot
  • ATI FireMV 128MB DDR with PCI Standard Slot