Dual Monitors or Single Big Monitor?

In case you are planning to spend money on computer monitor(s) for your computer or desktop, there can be many things to consider before making decision.
Monitor Resolution can be one of the most important thing to consider and Monitor’s Physical Size can be important thing to consider as well. In case you are planning to buy a Monitor or thinking of adding another monitor to your existing computer or adding another monitor to your laptop to extend your workspace, do proper homework before spending money.

Many people consider bigger the resolution, bigger the size of the monitor, and good company can be a good combination. Yes Bigger Monitor Resolution really gives flexibility and extended workspace. This Monitor’s Resolution is 1920 X 1080 and yes it is confortable to work with for me, however this monitor is comparitively more of rectangular type and not of square type.

Do good homework and decide with peace, do consider options and in case you are looking to add another monitor to your computer and setting up a dual monitor computer, you will find lots of information on this website.