Powerpoint Presentation with Dual Monitors

Wanna give out a presentation using Power Point or Power Point Viewer? Given below points may be useful & informative. Depending on your Operating System and your computer’s hardware, you can utilize the power of having dual monitor hardware connected to your computer and present your power point presentation.

Dual Monitors on Windows can work in many different ways on a windows computer. The way in which the external monitor or projector can display depends on how you have configured your computer’s settings. Let’s call the settings controlling display of computer and projector as mode.

Windows can drive dual monitors or other display devices in many modes. Given below is a short description which can be helpful to understand your computer’s working.

  • Clone Mode : This is the mode or way in which the display of your computer will be visible on both of the Monitors or Display Devices connected to the computer. Here an important thing to note is that the maximum resolution of the clone mode will be the minimum resolution supported by any of the Display Device and associated hardware. Now in case you have a Projector connected to your computer, then in this mode you will be able to see the same computer’s output on your computer screen and on projector as well. The Document Clone Mode talks more in detail about the Clone Mode.
  • Extended Mode : Here with dual monitors connected to your computer, you will get more desktop area or in other words you desktop will encompass two monitor’s screens. In order to move mouse cursor to the second monitor, you will need to move the mouse cursor in the direction where your next monitor is connected virtually to your primary monitor. The Extended ModeDocument talks in more detail about the mode and discusses possible uses of the mode.
  • Projector Only : Now here the name may be different in other documents or technical papers but the concept is that in this mode the output of the computer is displayed only on the external display device (which can be a Monitor or a Projector). The Keyboard and Mouse work as normal and you will be able to do normal computer operations, however in case the external display device is a projector projecting onto a screen or something, you will have to look to the projection in order to move mouse or do some typing etc instead of looking onto your Computer’s Monitor.
  • Computer Monitor Only : Just like the Projector only mode, here the output of the computer would be visible only on your computer’s monitor and the external display device (projector or secondary monitor) would be disabled. By saying disabled here i mean to say that the secondary display device would not display anything and will go into low power state, depending on your hardware your secondary device may have an LED indicator to indicate the low power state.

Does above information sounds useful and something like you can use when doing the next presentation with Power Point or with any other Software? Do you wish that if you could have some software feature or some software utility that could help you when giving out presentations, leave a comment here and we will try to provide the feature to you.