Dual Monitor Wallpaper Changer

How about having a different Wallpaper on each of your Dual Monitors? In case that does sounds good, have a look at the given below image which displays a Wallpaper Changer for Dual Monitors.

Wallpaper / Background Changer for Dual Monitors

Wallpaper / Background Changer for Dual Monitors

The Software lists images in a list in the format of thumbnails and also displays a Monitor Selection drop down.

In Order to change Wallpaper for a Monitor, all you would need to do is select the Monitor from the dropdown and then click on an image and that’s it. The Selected image will be set as Wallpaper for your selected Monitor.

In the same way you can select the other Monitor and then select a seperate wallpaper.

Download the Dual Monitor Wallpaper Changer now and have seperate wallpaper images for your dual monitors. Post a comment here if you would like to have another feature in the Wallpaper Changer and use your Dual Monitor in more better way.