Turn Off Second Monitor

There are many ways by which you can turn off second monitor connected to your Dual Monitor Computer offered by Dual Monitor Software. You can opt for any or multiple ways to turn off second monitor, available options are listed below:-

  • System Wide Hot Key Combination to be pressed on Keyboard to Turn Off Second Monitor.
  • Turn Off Second Monitor by launching a Shortcut on Desktop, Start Menu or Quick Launch Bar.
  • Right Click on blank space on Desktop and select Turn Off Second Monitor.
  • Use Command Line to Turn Off Second Monitor.
  • Right Click on Icon of the Dual Monitor Software and select the option to Turn Off Second Monitor.

 Now in order to Turn On the Second Monitor anytime you want, all you would need to do is follow the same process which you followed (any of the above) to Turn Off the Monitor. So effectively all the options above will work as a toggle switch, which would imply that all of the options above would check whether the Monitor of On or Off and when you initiate the change, the Monitor’s state would be toggled.

In a nutshell, when your Second Monitor is Off any of the options above would Turn it ON and vice versa.