Move windows between dual monitors

When using dual monitors in extended mode, you can move application windows across monitors. In order to move windows across or between monitors, you can drag a window by holding the window’s title with mouse cursor and drop it to the intended monitor. Now here you should know where is other monitor in the virtual desktop, the second monitor may be to the right of the first monitor in the virtual desktop space or it can be anywhere else as well. You can configure positions of you dual monitors using the control panel.

In case you move windows between dual monitors frequently a shortcut key combination can be of help. Let’s say you are working on a application window on first monitor and you wish to move it to second monitor to work on first monitor on another application window, you can use either of the given below ways:-

  1. Drag the Window from First Monitor by holding it’s title and drop it onto second monitor.
  2. Press a configurable shortcut key to move the active window to the second monitor automatically.

The shortcut key said above can sound like a small thing, but can be really useful to explore the powers of having dual monitors connected to your computer. The Move Window Shortcut (or Hotkey combination) Key when pressed on a Maximized Window would move the seleactive window to second monitor and would maximize it on the second monitor. In case the Shortcut Key is pressed when a non maximized window is active, the non maximized window would be moved to the second or next monitor in multiple monitor chain automatically. Have a look at the Window Mover Shortcut document to know how you can assign the above said shortcut key and move windows between dual monitors with a single key press. Also you can have a look at the extended mode post to know how you can switch to it and other relative information and extend your workspace to fully utilize the benefits of having dual monitors.