Dual Monitor Windows Computer running Windows 10

Windows 10 brings new features to users using Dual Monitors making the usage of Multiple Monitors on a Windows Computer more and more productive. Yes Windows has supported using Multiple Monitors on Windows, however Windows 10 offers much easier control. You can have different Wallpaper on each Monitor, switch between PC Screen Only, Duplicate Screen on Dual […]

Remove Icons from Windows Taskbar

This post describes How you can remove Icons from Taskbar of Windows. Starting with Windows 7, you can pin Program Icons to Taskbar which effectively keep Application Icon in Taskbar even when the Application is not running. This post provides way to remove Icons of Application Programs which are either running and also the programs […]

Make Window Always on Top

This post describes how you can make any Application Window to Stay at Top of all other Windows. Making a Window always on top is done using MurGeeMon and a Keyboard Shortcut. The Monitor Control tab of MurGeeMon allows you to define a keyboard shortcut to make the Window under focus to stay at Top. […]

Lock Mouse to one Monitor

When using Dual or Multiple Monitor Windows Computer, you can easily Lock Mouse onto any given Monitor with MurGeeMon. In order to Lock Mouse Cursor Movements onto the current Monitor, all you need to do is Move the Mouse Cursor to the desired Monitor and press a Keyboard Shortcut to Lock or Unlock Mouse Movements […]

How to Disable Second Monitor

This post provides two ways in which you can disable second monitor on a Dual Monitor Windows Computer. The first method is to use Windows Control Panel and second method is to use system tray menu of MurGeeMon. In order to disable second monitor, you do not need to remove cables or anything else. Yes […]

Video Tutorial of Dual Monitor Software

Explore Various features of the Dual Monitor Software Titled MurGeeMon. Given below Video demonstrates what all you can do with this Software and displays various screens and inbuilt tutorials. There are lots of features which can be used on a Multiple Monitor Software and few features work only on Single / Dual Monitor Windows Computer. […]

Dual Monitor Wallpaper Software for Windows 8

Manage Wallpaper on your Dual Monitor Windows 8 Computer really easily. The Software presented here is a small software utility which can be used on Windows 8 Computers for Changing Wallpapers. All you need to manage dual wallpapers on your dual monitor Windows 8 computer is select a folder containing images and then just click […]

Blank out Multi Monitors

Now you can blank out any of the multiple monitors connected to your Windows computer. Windows does not offers a software switch to just turn off any selected monitor without disabling the monitor. When you disable a Monitor, your virtual Window settings change and yes it can be really difficult to struggle with control panel […]

Dual Monitor Toolbar

A Toolbar can be really handy whether you are using single, dual or multiple monitors windows computer. The toolbar presented here can be really handy when using a dual or even a multiple monitor windows computer. Yes this toolbar works fine on Windows XP onwards operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7, […]

Dual Monitor Taskbar

Windows 8 taskbar can be configured to be displayed on dual or multiple monitors. This post will describe few features of the taskbar when using dual monitors on a Windows 8 computer. The same properties will apply when using Windows 8 wilth multiple monitors. This post will talk specifically about the dual monitor taskbar which you get […]