Fullscreen slideshow on Second Monitor

Now you can easily run a slide show in full screen mode onto second monitor in a dual monitor windows computer. You can even run slide show on any of the monitors of a multi monitor windows computer. The Slide show can be run on any sort of display like projector or monitor etc. Even though the slide show will run on second monitor, you can have controls on the primary monitor to control the slide show.

Slideshow Software to run fullscreen slideshow onto second monitor

Slideshow Manager to control Slideshow on Second Monitor

The Figure displays the Slide show Software in the MurGeeMon Software. The Slide show software can be used to run slide show in full screen mode on second monitor or a projector connected to a windows computer. The Slide show software will allow you to control the running slide show using a slide show control manager which you can run on primary monitor or anywhere you want.

In the Slide show Manager Software, just select the pictures folder and the slide show software will load thumbnails and will display a quick preview of the selected image. The selected image or slide can be displayed in full screen mode on second monitor or any other monitor on a multiple monitor windows computer.

In order to view the slideshow window, just double click on the slide preview window at the top of the software. The thumbnails at the bottom will allow you to select the slide you wish to be displayed onto the second monitor. You can configure the images folder location and time interval at which slides should be changed automatically.

There are keyboard shortcut keys available to start or stop the slide show and even to navigate to next or previous slide of a slide show. There is also a video tutorial in the Screen Saver tab of the MurGeeMon Software. Slideshow software integrated with this dual monitor software will give you complete control over running and managing slide show and connected monitors to a windows pc.